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Spam To Annoy…and Creep You Out

Okay, so I know that this is just spam…and they really should have used spell check, but this kind of makes me want to sleep in a Ziplock bag.
I know that bed bugs are a serious problem (especially when traveling), however the wording of this makes me cringe and laugh at the same time.  As if in talking about insect excrement you NEEDED to add “bitter” for emphasis!
From: !!! WARNING !!! <>
Sent: Monday, January 18, 2038 8:14 PM
Subject: What does DR. OZ and other experts say about BED BUGS?
DO YOU SLEEP IN A BED? No matter how often you wash your sheets, your bed is an insect breeding ground, teeming with thousands of hideous, crab-like dust mites aggressively laying eggs in your pillow and mattress causing you and your family to suffer year long allergy attacks. While you sleep they wake up and start to crawl, eating your skin flakes and drink the moisture on your flesh. It gets worse. Did you know that 10 percent of the weight of a 2 year old pillow is actually dead mites and their feces? This means every night you and your family are sleeping in the equivelant of an insects toilet, actually covered in melandge of both their living and dead bodies, and oceans of their bitter excrement.I haven’t even gotten to the worst part about your bed yet… The BED BUGS

Click Here for more info and the SOLUTION!


I can imagine reading this along with an eerie soundtrack.  And yes, I made sure that the link was not active…for your safety!


Man’s Best Friend

Last weekend, I flew to Dallas to visit some friends for the weekend.   As my friend was driving us to the airport on Monday, we pulled out of the drive behind his house and into the street.  We made a slow right turn onto a neighborhood street and, from the back seat I heard, “Is that a dog?”  “It’s three dogs!”  I looked up just in time to see three good-sized dogs occupying the driver’s seat, front seat passenger’s seat and back seat of an SUV that was parallel parked along the curb.

Now this sight might not seem so strange in the telling, however it seemed, at the time, to almost go by in slow motion as we passed.  All of us in the car….staring, and all three dogs turning their heads (slowly) to follow our car as we drove by.  Definitely “shifty” looking.

My mind has a tendency to take something and “run with it”…so of course, I immediately began wondering aloud what these “shifty” and “suspicious-looking” characters were doing in my friend’s neighborhood.  Even going so far as to wonder if my friend’s dog, Ellee, had planned to have a little party around the pool with her “hoodlum” friends”, once everyone was out of the house.

Now, I didn’t have time to grab my phone and snap a picture, but I found one that will give some idea as to what the scene was like….

Sure there have been other animals that “drive” cars….

"Toonces The Driving Cat"

However….the look was less happy and more suspicious.  Like this dog….

Definitely up to no good.

It was a funny sight and a great way to cap off a great weekend.   It also got me looking for some of my favorite commercials from earlier this year.

Holiday Cheer!

If you’re searching for that last-minute holiday party drink idea, you might try this one.  Holiday Cranberry Margaritas!

Cranberry Margarita


It’s a very easy recipe with a little bit of preparation.

Cranberry Margarita recipe:

  • 1 1/2 oz tequila
  • 1/2 oz Grand Marnier
  • 3-4 oz. cranberry puree
  • Shake in cocktail shaker with ice and strain into cocktail glass
  • Garnish with candied cranberries

For the cranberry puree, just take a cup of orange juice and a cup of sugar…simmer over medium heat to dissolve sugar.  Add 1 package of fresh cranberries and heat for about 10 minutes.   Let cool and then use a blender to puree cranberry mixture.  Strain through a mesh strainer to remove larger cranberry pieces.

For the cranberry garnish, take a package of fresh cranberries, skewer a handful of cranberries with a wooden skewer.  Then, roll cranberry stick in light Karo Syrup and then sugar.  Then place them in freezer to firm up.






Happy Holidays!!!

Just a couple of things to share that made me laugh during this hectic holiday season.  First was the fortune that I received in my cookie after a Chinese food dinner:

I don’t know about something wonderful happy-ing…but it did make me smile.

Then, while we were fighting through the shopping crowds this past weekend, we passed by a mannequin in Macy’s that seemed to be a little off:

Someone was either in a hurry or this mannequin has been having some “holiday fun” after the store closes and barely made it back to her spot at opening time!

White Lightning!!!

Okay, so I’ve recently discovered a new guilty pleasure.  As I was finishing up my Tipsy Tech exam in Austin on Wednesday night, December 6th, Discovery Channel was premiering a new show.

Moonshine is described by as:  a smuggled or illicitly distilled liquor, especially corn liquor illicitly distilled chiefly in rural areas of the southern U.S.

I stumbled upon this show just this week as I was searching for something to watch on television one evening.  Tired of surfing, I stopped on the Discovery Channel and decided to watch the uplifting documentary “2012 Apocalypse”.  During one of the commercial breaks I was treated to this promo:

Anyone interested in how spirits were once (and apparently still are) made, might want to check out this show.  It’s kind of a cross between a Do It Yourself show and COPS.  Any show featuring characters with names like Tickle and Popcorn deserves at least a look.

As funny as I think some of the characters are, it’s important to mention that just today a story came out of India reporting on the very serious and dangerous side of moonshine.

Moonshiners on Discovery Channel is now in its second week, with three episodes already having aired.  You can watch full episodes of Moonshiners here.

Jenny & I attended Wurstfest in New Braunfels, Texas this past Sunday.  Wurstfest is a ten day celebration of German heritage, food, music and beer.

Wurstfest takes place every year in Landa Park in New Braunfels.  The grounds contain numerous halls and tents with entertainment stages as well as The Marktplatz, a large hall containing food, beer and merchandise booths.  Next to The Marktplatz is Wursthalle.  Spass Haus, described as a beer tavern, is located inside Wursthalle.  We wandered in and not only had a chance to “freshen up” our beer cups, but also spend some time viewing the extensive beer bottle collection lining the walls and windows.

The collection was started by James Nowotny, a New Braunfels native, and acquired by the Wurstfest Association in 1982.  Although over 3,000 bottles are on display in Spass Haus, the actual collection numbers somewhere around 17,000 bottles.

One of the bands that we saw was the very energetic Alex Meixner Band.  This band played some German festival staples, including the Chicken Dance, but their set also included a Bon Jovi cover.  All of this by a small band in which the three front members played everything from the accordion to the clarinet, trumpet and saxophone.  The lead man, Alex Meixner,  throws everything he has into his sets…complete with headbanging while playing the accordion.

I did not get a very good video of the band the night we were there, but this video was posted to youtube by idigpolka and it’s a great video of the band, although at 9 minutes, it’s a little long, but you’ll get the idea.

Then it was time for dessert….

Fried Oreos

Funnel Cake

Jenny with a Bear Claw - Wurstfest 2011

It was really a fun evening, but I think that after Oktoberfest and Wurstfest I’ve had enough beer for a little while…at least until Austin’s Beerfest!!!



Thanks to Jenny, Diana & Crystal for carving an awesome jack-o-lantern!!!!

Happy Halloween!!!

The Dead Keep Walking!!!


According to AMC, the show’s second season episodes have been breaking records for a drama series on basic cable capturing 7.3 million viewers for their season premiere, capturing more viewers than any other show’s telecast in basic cable history!

The following is a recap of Episode 2:  “BLOODLETTING”

After the end of the premiere episode and the cliff-hanger of Carl being shot, I couldn’t wait for this next episode!  Makes me realize that a good drama series’ storyline makes you wish that each episode was longer than one hour.

The episode starts off with a flashback of the day that sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes is shot (season 1).  His partner Shane drives up to the school where Rick’s wife Lori is about to pick up their son Carl.  She is talking to another mother about her and Rick’s problems, just as Rick was talking to Shane in his car in the first episode of the series.  Shane seems genuinely concerned but I kind of sensed that it was more focused on Lori than Rick.  This makes me wonder about these two…was there something going on between Shane & Lori before the zombie apocalypse?  Maybe.  Carl gets out of school and Lori hugs him tight as he sobs after hearing about his dad.

Cut to:  Rick carrying Carl, bleeding and dying from a gunshot wound, through a field.  They are followed by Shane and the man that shot Carl, Otis.


* Otis is played by a great character actor, Pruitt Taylor Vince…who played

Malcolm Rivers in Identity

Otis is taking them to the house where he is staying.  The house is on a farm owned by Hershel Greene.  Otis and his girlfriend are staying with Hershel, Hershel’s wife and daughter, Maggie.  They take them in and begin trying to treat Carl’s gunshot wound.

Hershel realizes that there are six bullet fragments inside Carl and attempts to get them out…Carl wakes up!  The kid is screaming with a strange man’s fingers digging around inside his abdomen and eventually he passes out.

Hershel attempting to remove bullet fragments from Carl

Rick and Carl are the same blood type, so Rick readily donates blood to help his son, who has lost a lot a blood.  Hershel gets Carl stabilized but informs Rick that in order to get to the remaining 5 bullet fragments, he needs to put Carl under and operate…but he doesn’t have the equipment to do so.

Otis realizes that there is probably medical equipment at the nearby high school, which was set up for a time as a FEMA shelter.  Rick wants to go with Otis to the high school, but Shane can’t let him leave Carl’s side.  The kid not only needs more blood transfusions, he may take a turn for the worst and die with Rick not being there.  Rick agrees to stay and sends Otis and Shane to get the medical equipment that Hershel needs to save his son’s life.

As they are leaving, Rick gives Otis his handgun for protection.  Of course, Otis still has the gun that he shot Rick’s son with…for protection.

Rick needs help in getting word to Lori and bringing her to the farmhouse.  No problem…Maggie’s got a horse!  Good thing too, because meanwhile Andrea finds herself oblivious to a zombie in the woods until it’s almost too late.

Zombie sneaking up on Andrea in the woods

Maggie to the rescue!

Most of the others, including Rick’s wife Lori, are still in the woods searching for Sophia.  Oh, yeah….she’s still lost!   Andrea is about to be a zombie’s dinner when Maggie rides up and uses the zombie’s head for batting practice.  She finds Lori, holsters her Louisville Slugger and takes off with Lori towards the farmhouse.

Meanwhile…Dale and T-Dog are still on the highway waiting outside the Winnebago.  During their conversation, Dale begins to realize that something is wrong with T-Dog…T-Dog begins talking to Dale about how he feels that the “rednecks” that they are traveling with view he and Dale  as the weakest of the group and have purposefully left them behind.  He even suggests that they get in the Winnebago and take off!

Dale and T-Dog

Dale checks his forehead and then his cut.  I KNEW IT!!!  T-Dog’s injury (cut) in the season premiere seemed too severe to be okay with just a little tape job.  (Thank you writers!)  T-Dog has developed a severe infection from slashing his forearm on a ragged piece of metal and has developed a fever and needs antibiotics.  I guess this is the cause of T-Dog’s crazy-talk.

Soon, Darryl, Glenn, Andrea & Carol return to the highway and Darryl offers T-Dog some antibiotics from his stash of his brother Merle’s drugs.  Apparently Darryl’s brother, Merle, needed these drugs for his frequent bouts of “the clap”.

Lori makes it to the farmhouse and takes control of the situation…not only convincing Rick to stay put when Rick wants to head off to find Shane, Otis and the medical equipment, but she begins grilling Hershel about his medical background.  Which I guess is a good thing because we find out that Hershel is actually a vet…no not war veteran, Lori….a veterinarian!  Well, in the days of the zombie apocalypse, I guess an animal doc is better than no doc at all.

Otis and Shane finally make it to the high school as night approaches….

Except there’s one little problem….well, if you call a pep-rally of flesh-eating zombies in the parking lot a little problem…

They use the old “throw-a-flare-distract the zombies” trick and are able to get into the medical trailer.  The problem is that a zombie’s attention span is not very long, so when Otis and Shane have the medical equipment that they need and go back outside….the zombies are done playing “Look at The Pretty Little Light” and are again searching for food.  The zombies chase Shane and Otis to the high school, where Shane shoots out a glass door to get inside a locked foyer, pulling a flimsy fence closed and locking it with a just-as-flimsy bolt.

* I could be wrong, but in watching the promos for the next episode, I see a lot of Shane…but little of Otis.  Does Otis sacrifice himself so that Shane can get the medical equipment back to save Carl’s life?   Ya think?

Moscow Mules!!!

So we decided to get together after work and make some Moscow Mules.  A Moscow Mule is a simple cocktail that was created in the 1950’s.  The traditional glassware for the Moscow Mule is a copper mug, but a Collins glass can also be used.  Thanks to EBAY and an antique store down the street, we had enough copper mugs for all.

Getting all the ingredients ready for the Moscow Mule

This simple recipe that we used was:

  • 1 1/2 oz Vodka (we used Absolut Citron)
  • 1/2 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
  • Ginger Beer

We experimented and upped the Vodka to 2 oz and tried two different Ginger Beers (one canned – Gosling’s …and one bottled – Fever Tree).  Some thought Gosling’s to be a milder Ginger Beer and Fever Tree to have more of a ginger “bite”.

Jenny adding Absolut Citron to begin the Moscow Mule

Jenny adding fresh squeezed lime juice to the Moscow Mule

Adding ginger beer to the Moscow Mule

We tried an alternative version of this recipe in Austin at Peche, called a Texas Mule.  In this version, the bartender muddled fresh jalapeno in a mixing glass with the lime juice and vodka, shook with ice, then strained into a glass over ice.  Jenny wanted to try this version as well.

Straining our attempt at a "Texas Mule"

I think that a few of us liked this version the best.  The jalapeno and ginger beer seemed to marry perfectly.

Our finished "Texas Mule"

It was definitely a great evening of creating some refreshing, delicious drinks!!!