Thanks to some great friends, I enjoyed an awesome birthday weekend “stay-cation”.  It began with a stop at Stonewerks Big Rock Grill at The Rim, but because the Longhorns were having an “off” day and were basically getting creamed by OU (final score 55-17) we moved on to catch a movie that afternoon.  Wish I had visited Rotten Tomatoes before we picked a movie because they gave Dream House a 7% on their tomatometer!!!  Wow!  The only saving grace was that the movie theater had a bar, so we were able to drink while watching this “movie”.

Staying at the (fyi: their website plays music) Westin La Cantera Resort was really a treat. (Thanks Bill!!)  That afternoon seemed like a good time to hit the hot tub (and drink a little more).  Then we all enjoyed a great evening with dinner at Brannon’s Cafe in the hotel and an evening at Steinheimer’s Bar.  This  included watching a little  Texas Rangers baseball (despite a rain delay they won 3-2), live music by Johnny P. and The Wiseguys and a little lot of drinking.  One of the interesting drinks  that I tried that night was The Jeffrey Bloody Mary:  Absolut Vodka, basil, house made clear tomato juice shaken  served over red tomato ice.

The Jeffrey Bloody Mary at Steinheimer's

The Jeffrey Bloody Mary at Steinheimer's Bar

Add in a mojito, a martini and lots of beer…and you’ve got a great birthday night!!!  To top it all off, we finally ended up getting a lot of rain!!!

Awesome birthday!