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Jenny & I attended Wurstfest in New Braunfels, Texas this past Sunday.  Wurstfest is a ten day celebration of German heritage, food, music and beer.

Wurstfest takes place every year in Landa Park in New Braunfels.  The grounds contain numerous halls and tents with entertainment stages as well as The Marktplatz, a large hall containing food, beer and merchandise booths.  Next to The Marktplatz is Wursthalle.  Spass Haus, described as a beer tavern, is located inside Wursthalle.  We wandered in and not only had a chance to “freshen up” our beer cups, but also spend some time viewing the extensive beer bottle collection lining the walls and windows.

The collection was started by James Nowotny, a New Braunfels native, and acquired by the Wurstfest Association in 1982.  Although over 3,000 bottles are on display in Spass Haus, the actual collection numbers somewhere around 17,000 bottles.

One of the bands that we saw was the very energetic Alex Meixner Band.  This band played some German festival staples, including the Chicken Dance, but their set also included a Bon Jovi cover.  All of this by a small band in which the three front members played everything from the accordion to the clarinet, trumpet and saxophone.  The lead man, Alex Meixner,  throws everything he has into his sets…complete with headbanging while playing the accordion.

I did not get a very good video of the band the night we were there, but this video was posted to youtube by idigpolka and it’s a great video of the band, although at 9 minutes, it’s a little long, but you’ll get the idea.

Then it was time for dessert….

Fried Oreos

Funnel Cake

Jenny with a Bear Claw - Wurstfest 2011

It was really a fun evening, but I think that after Oktoberfest and Wurstfest I’ve had enough beer for a little while…at least until Austin’s Beerfest!!!


San Antonio Oktoberfest 2011

Jenny and I went to Oktoberfest this Saturday night at:

Beethoven Mannerchor Halle Und Garten

It was a great evening of music, lots of people having fun

Crowd at Oktoberfest 2011

German food,

Reuben, German Potato Salad & Spaten Oktoberfest beer

Strudel at Oktoberfest 2011

Kartoffelpuffer - Potato Pancake with Applesauce

(Didn’t get a picture of it before I dug in but we also had bratwurst and sauerkraut.)

…and (of course) BEER!!!

Jenny at Oktoberferst 2011

Steve at Oktoberfest 2011

Jenny & Steve with Oktoberfest 2011 MC Tobias Klingelhoefer * "Prost!"

We enjoyed great beer including Warsteiner Oktoberfest & Dunkel, and Spaten Oktoberfest as well as music by the San Antonio Accordion Club, Beethoven Kinderchor, The Beethoven Concert Band with director Al Tapia and The Lamplighters, big band dance orchestra.  The Fire on The Mountain Cloggers also performed.  There was great people watching also and many people wore their German garbs:

As the night wore on more toasts were made and more beers were ordered.

Free Tickets at San Antonio Oktoberfest 2011

While standing in line for one of the last potato pancakes of the two weekend festival, a man walked up and gave the person in front of me (Jessica) about $20.00 in free tickets as he was leaving!   Rounds on her!!!

It was a great evening and I will definitely make plans to go back next year.  I’m not sure about the lederhosen, but I will think about bringing my own stein!

Jenny & Steve at San Antonio Oktoberfest 2011