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The Hollywood Reporter confirmed yesterday that 20th Century Fox has given the go-ahead for a Prometheus sequel.  According to THR, Fox’s president of production, Emma Watts, stated that a sequel is on track for 2014 or 2015.

Considering the many questions left unanswered, the new direction/mythology created by Ridley Scott and writers Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof…and the fact that two of the main characters, Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) & David (Michael Fassbender) survived and escaped at the end of Prometheus, it was almost inevitable that die-hard fans, at least, would be waiting for this news.

I’ll admit it, it wasn’t as “reach out and grab you” a movie as I was anticipating, but there was enough new story (and a few “Huh?” and “What the hell was that?” moments) to make me want to see more.

Scott has said that a sequel could answer some of the many questions that Prometheus brought up and bridge the time gap between Prometheus and Alien.

I wonder if they’ll take the same approach in using viral marketing this time around to build up the buzz.  Maybe with this announcement, they’ve already started!  Are fans going to be as excited this time around?   Are you?


NEW Prometheus Trailers

A couple of new “official” Prometheus trailers came out this weekend.  The first (being the second official trailer) debuted Saturday afternoon at WonderCon, at the Anaheim Convention Center, with a panel consisting of director Ridley Scott, screenwriter Damon Lindelof and actors Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender.

Damon Lindelof, Ridley Scott, Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender at WonderCon

The new trailer gives more of the storyline than the official trailer that was released two months ago.  The cast includes Theron, Fassbender, Noomi Rapace (the original Girl With The Dragon Tattoo), Idris Elba, Logan Marshall-Green and Guy Pearce.

The second is an IMAX teaser trailer:

During the WonderCon panel discussion, not much of the plot was discussed.  However, during a Livestream discussion with Scott and Lindelof, Lindelof did mention that in story meetings, the plot evolved into something other than an Alien prequel.  Apparently Ridley Scott told Lindelof during these early script conversations that he had already done Alien and wanted to create an original story, while at the same time giving a “tip of the cap” to Alien fans.

In regards to comparisons in the story and the look of the two films, Scott said that he had already been there/done that with the alien story and “grunge” look of the original and wanted to go in a different direction…while still trying to scare the sh*t out of audiences.  It did seem that 20th Century Fox was keeping everyone on a rather short leash with their responses to questions, however Ridley Scott did say, “If we’re lucky maybe they’ll be second part to all of this.  Because the film does leave you with some really nice, big, open questions.”


There are many people who have favorite movies that they may watch numerous times.  Of course, there are people who, once they’ve seen a movie, they are satisfied.  Not me.  I tend to fall into a completely different category of moviephile.  I fall into that strange category of movie lovers that enjoy not only watching a movie numerous times, but finding out interesting (to me) and, for the most part, useless information on the movie and its production.  That’s why I tend to watch movies that I have already seen numerous time, in the hopes that I’ll find something that I may have missed on the 43rd viewing.  I also enjoy watching all of the special features on a DVD…including the movie…all over again…with commentary.

Of course, this is depends on how much “free time”  I happen to have.  Being busy with other things may keep me from sitting down to a favorite movie for a stretch of time.  However, when I do have time…I can be just as happy sitting down to a movie that I’ve seen already as I am sitting down to a new one.  It may seem strange, but one of my “go-to” DVDs on days where there is nothing else going on and nothing to watch on TV, is:

Alien Trilogy

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love movies.  Those that know me very well, know that science fiction & horror are genres that I can be a bit obsessive about…just ask my younger sister and friends that I grew up with.  Yeah, subsequent sequels may not live up to the original, but for me they’re all worth watching.  Seeing as how I was young when the original Alien came out in 1979, it was interesting for me to re-watch the original official trailer:

In the original Alien, the crew of the commercial towing spaceship, Nostromo, are awakened from stasis (hypersleep) during their return trip to Earth by their computer.  They are instructed to set down on an uninhabited moon, LV-426, where a beacon of some sort has been detected.  There is a scene on this planet that I could never quite understand…well, at least, it left me with an unanswered question.

Once they’ve landed on LV-426…three characters, Dallas (Tom Skerritt), Kane (John Hurt) and Lambert (Veronica Cartwright) leave their ship to investigate this beacon signal.  They come across a derelict spaceship, that has supposedly crash-landed on this moon some time ago.  What makes this scene strange is that, while we ultimately find out that the spaceship was carrying what will become the aliens…in the form of eggs, in their cargo hold, we are never given the explanation of where the derelict spaceship came from or who or what crashed it there.  Of course, there is the discovery of a petrified body of  an extraterrestrial humanoid being, fused to a gunner’s chair or pilot’s seat of some kind, in this derelict spaceship. The filmmakers refer to this being as the “space jockey”…but soon after the Alien mayhem begins…there are face-hugging aliens and chest-bursting aliens and all hell breaks loose.  We never hear of the space jockey again.

"Space Jockey" from Alien

(Side Note:  In the picture above, the director used his children in spacesuits (to the left) to make the Space Jockey (center), sitting in his pilot’s/gunner’s seat, seem that much bigger.  How small were those kids?!)

Here is the original scene of the three characters coming across the Space Jockey:

I thought the stars must be lining up or something, because I recently stumbled upon a trailer for a new Ridley Scott movie due out later this year.  Ridley Scott is the director of the original  Alien movie (1979).  Apparently, Ridley Scott may finally give me an answer to my question about who or what the “Space Jockey” was…after 33 years!!!   Ridley Scott is returning to science fiction with Prometheus.  Originally intended to be a prequel to Alien, according to reports, Prometheus was rewritten to follow a different storyline.  However, it has been rumored to have some strands of Alien DNA, and recently internet reports state that the last eight minutes may lead to the beginning of Alien after all.

Watching the trailer, I couldn’t help but recognize the derelict spaceship….

Actually, according to this Cinema Blend article, despite the requests that the cast and crew remain “tight-lipped” about the plot line until the movie comes out in June 2012, a Prometheus actress may be spilling some of the beans.  Kate Dickie has stated that her character in Prometheus is part of a team that travel to the outer reaches of our universe to search for humanity’s beginnings and discover something that may bring about its end.

Can’t wait for this one to come out!   On June 8th!   Until then my Alien trilogy DVDs will have to do.