Tuesday we attended another Mixology 101 class through Tipsy Tech in Austin, Texas.  This particular session focused on vermouths, aperitifs, digestifs and ABSINTHE!

Absinthe fountain and sugar cubes

We are learning a lot during the course of these sessions and (even better) we are given the chance to taste different spirits and cocktails for discussion and to give our opinions on each one.  This week was no exception and we sampled:

  • Negroni
  • St. Germaine Cocktail
  • and, of course, Absinthe

We tried three different brands of Absinthe:

We had the chance to louche our Absinthe, which is the process (ritual) of adding ice cold water to a clear anise based spirit (Absinthe) causing it to release its essential herbal oils, making it cloudy.  In our case, one of our class sponsors, (Graham from Tenneyson) brought a few fountains to class Tuesday night.  You have the option to louche your Absinthe with or without sugar cubes.  If you decide to include sugar cubes, a traditional (slotted) spoon is used to allowed the water to drip through.

Process of louching Absinthe

Of course, Absinthe will become cloudy if you add only ice cold water as well.

Louching (a little too fast) without the sugarcube

It was a night of interesting flavor and although we did not see The Green Fairy,

The Green Fairy

…it was still a great night!!!